Talent Managers

anthony-topmanAnthony Topman

Founder / President / Talent Manager

Head of Adult Department


Anthony Topman is a producer, talent manager, casting director, and a President of LA Management Inc.


His outstanding work in managing talent has led to clients landing lead roles in studio feature films and series regular roles on many major television networks. As a producer, Anthony has been responsible for packaging a number of television shows and feature films. His goal is to produce high quality films which are first and foremost packaged with his clients. His formula is simple: if you want to develop a great project start by selecting or writing a great screenplay, then add award winning producers, director and quality talent.






Trisanne Marin

Senior Talent Manager

Head of Youth & Teen Department


As a child actor, Trisanne and her family discovered that it was difficult to find strong representation specializing in the professional needs of youth. That unique experience, and work with management, as a child actor, combined with her passion for the industry and its talent, lured her to a career in management. Trisanne’s course work at UCLA has both broadened her knowledge of the intricacies of the entertainment world, and instilled the belief in an orientation to detail as paramount to success.


We at LA Management Youth are dedicated to high quality service, which promotes each of our client’s unique development. We believe it essential to work hand in hand with both parents and agents to provide our client the personal attention needed to strive in an ever-changing, competitive business. Our industry leading professionals support clients in navigating the entertainment world through our knowledge and background, as well as our relationships in the field. Our continued success is due in part to our commitment to a boutique approach in addition to a dedication to a select roster. LA Management Youth, focusing solely on youth, providing an understanding of the unique needs of the young in the industry.





Constance Tillotson

Senior Talent Manager

Youth & Teen Department


As an actor, writer, director and producer, Constance guides her young actors in all facets of the Entertainment Business. Her actors can be seen in 100’s projects fosters clients who helm roles on Nickelodeon and Disney TV to major blockbuster feature films. Including “Glee,” “American Idol,” “Modern Family,” “Community,” “Castle,” “Law & Order,” “ICarly,” “The Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Dexter,” “Cold Case,” “Monk,” “CSI” the Oscar winning “Dreamgirls,” “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “Chihuahua: the Movie,” “All about Steve” and “Wall Street 2.”


She presides as National Vice-Chair of the Screen Actor’s Guild Conservatory where she serves as Director of Young Performers. The U.S. Embassy recently named her Cultural Envoy bringing her “On-the-Set” Film camp to drug rehabilitation clinics in the Maldives working with recovering heroin addicts and to Sri Lanka working with children who survived its 25 year civil war.
Her greatest passion is to create a new generation of extraordinary actors and compassionate leaders.



Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.04.57 PMAddison Witt

Senior Talent Manager

Adult Department

As a creative and experienced brand manager, Addison Witt brings more than 20 years as a personal talent representative, acting coach, and TV personality. Before becoming a commercial agent at Element Talent Agency mid-2013, the head of theatrical at PMT, and Director of Agency at Impression Entertainment Group, Addison owned and operated Witt Entertainment Management, Inc., for 12 years. His brand building Company, WEM, Inc., was a star making talent management company known for discovering a group of child actors whose work in television is to this day seen by millions of people around the world.


While there are thousands of people that have benefited from Addison’s knowledge and managerial style, both inside and outside of the entertainment industry, many of his actors have reached a level of success and have remained active and working since they begin in 2002. To name a few; Leah Pipes (The Originals), Mario Ardila Jr. (Switched at Birth), Sierra McCormick (Ant Farm), Nikki SooHoo (The Lovely Bones), and RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad). These and other clients represented by Addison are Emmy winners, SAG Award winners, Golden Globe winners, TV Critics Award winners, Peabody winners, BAFTA and GOYA nominees as well as recipients of other noted awards.


Addison Witt is also a TV personality and has worked in a dozen commercials, starred in 3 different reality series, guest starred in other reality series, and invited to guest speak on numerous news magazine shows, and radio interviews. His Lifetime series “Off the Leash” was the first reality series to showcase a televised canine talent agency that represented dogs in high profile films and TV.  A series of other reality shows followed, including Canada’s “Reality Obsessed,” MTV’s “New York Goes to Hollywood,” and a French documentary called Liav re Loure,” a look at the French and their relationship with dogs. In 2012 Addison Witt flew to London, England to shoot “Top Dog Model,” a series similar to the human counterpart, “Britain’s Next Top Model,” except TDM was all about dogs strutting down the catwalk instead of would be supermodels.


 Addison Witt is a former Board of Director for the Burbank International Film Festival.  His advocacy includes a National Spokesperson role with the National Disability Institute, “I AM PWD,” and Stand up 2 Cancer. He created the RJ Mitte Diversity Award, an award given to a minor actor with physical disabilities, and he produced “Beyond Diversity; the future is now,” a panel discussion hosted by AFI and the SAG Foundation, promoting greater diversity in television and film. Panelists included Addison Witt, moderator, actor and activist, Bill Duke, talent manager, Constance Tillotson, actress, Nikki SooHoo, and actor, RJ Mitte.


Current clients include Dalton Rich from the Golden Globe winning, Transparent, Lennan Kay and Tori Vild from “The 702,” and Maitland Ward from “Boy Meets World.”


Addison Witt specializes in branding his clients’ celebrity profile.