Saniyya Sidney at the Golden Globes

Saniyya Sidney at the Golden Globes

Golden Globes Scene: Inside TV and Film’s Once a Year Power Lunch (Photos)

A running party diary of top shots from inside the ultimate power lunch and the starry scene across L.A. on Golden Globes weekend

 | January 7, 2017 @ 12:58 PM

Inside the Ultimate Power Lunch


Hollywood’s biggest stars, studio chiefs and network presidents “do lunch” together once a year without their entourage of agents, managers, lawyers or publicists, in a nearly complete media blackout.

It’s the AFI Awards. Nothing is asked of the talent other than to enjoy each other’s company.

The Party Report was lucky enough to attend. For a full recap of the warm spirit of community, check out TheWrap Awards Editor Steve Pond’s report here.

Thirteen hundred film and TV industry notables attend Sunday’s Golden Globes. Culling that group down to just the top 200 most influential creatives and prime movers, the AFI lunch presents some of the most dynamic cast mashups and meetups.

Here are five of the best.

Above: “La La Land” x “Fences” x “Hidden Figures”

The camera loves youngster Saniyya Sidney (“Fences,” “Hidden Figures”). Like Janelle Monae and Andrew Garfield, she’s one of the few to appear in multiple awards-contending films. Sidney slid between this year’s awards season power couple (Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, above).

[Spoiler Alert] For the fans jolted by the “La La” ending —  “Oh no!” — this three-shot makes us wonder if the fan favorite film had an alternate finish, this would be a really cool family portrait epilogue.


Golden Globes Scene: Inside TV and Film’s Once a Year Power Lunch (Photos)

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